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Video clips on page!

  1. Hey how do some people get short 1-2 minute video clips on their page? I've tried doing it through the uploading thing but it only uploads images!And says the clip doesn't meet security guidelines!!


  2. I believe that they are hosting their videos through youtube and/or google video.

    There is information on how to do this at


  3. But i can answer you still..
    Save, at first you need a video-hoster.. is a very good page..
    When you have uploaded you video clip from there, you'll just refere it from you post..

    like this [youtube=http: //]

    (just without the "spaces")

    THATs SOME SIMPLE HTML.. all you have to do is insert a link :)

    Hope that helps a bit..


    [Link fixed - drmike]

  4. nodependenciesnologo

    The exclamation mark(s) made me think you'd made some discovery ;-)

    Not to be bitchy, but I'd go easy on them. Hurts my eyes.

  5. Just for reference, here's the write up on Youtube and for Google videos.

    Also here's a trick on how to offer a link to download the YouTube video in question. :whistle:

    edit: Rumor has it that staff is testing other sources as well currently. ;)

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