video do not work when i really wanted them to.

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    Hi, I just uploaded a heap of videos and paid for the word press extra hard drive space. as soon as i let people know about the videos through facebook and people went to look at them, via the mother site the word press video would not play. the video were working fine earlier. i was also not even able to login to see how many videos were listed within my profile, yet prior to getting traffic to site it was not a problem. I was using firefox browser, yet i also tried using my a mac browser. i spose these bugs are little like CNN is to real media for the open source. i really would rather use word press than youtube for these videos, for the most obvious reason, yet if word press want function. what does us plebs do? it probably works by now! hi from Oslo.


    I checked out your site which has quicktime running and the wordpress blog which you also link to. Both sites allow your videos to be viewed no problem.

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