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Video embeds suddenly stopped working

  1. Vid embeds had been working just fine since launch last week. Today, suddenly, just a link shows up in the posts.

    Anyone have this or know what's going on?!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. YouTube got themselves a new player. Re-designed. Could be it? Besides: YouTube is down right now. Can't get in...

  3. Grr...must mean nobody's vid embeds on are working. My friend discovered they weren't working 5 hours ago--has youtube been down that long?

  4. All of mine are working fine right now, including YouTube.

    By the way, I hope people remember that Google video is shutting down pretty soon. That means that wherever you have a Google video in your blog, nothing will be there.

  5. I just spent an hour putting in shortcodes: [youtube=....]
    My site wasn't working and didn't want to wait until who knows when...

  6. It's not just YouTube for me. It's all video embeds and links - including sites with shortcodes. Frustrating.

  7. Having the same issue with a friends blog.

  8. I have all videos up again...

  9. Oh, are videos working for everyone again? I still can't embed videos from youtube. I can post links but once I past in the imbed code and hit publish the whole thing disappears.

  10. will the links simply start working? or will we have to change the links somehow?

  11. I have the "auto-embed" featured enabled on I suspect that the new "oEmbed" developer feature they just unveiled had something to do with breaking the auto-embed system. So... I went through ALL 75 posts I have and encapsulated every youtube link with the shortcode so now they look like this: [youtube=]

    They work with the shortcode. So, lesson is--don't rely on auto-embed!! Plus, if you need to transfer your site to one day, then you know the shortcode will work! So, just another reason to simply add the [youtube= ...] tags.

    Still annoyed, though...

  12. @jongoldstein177
    Oh dear ... how annoying. I'm so sorry this happened to you but alsoglad to hear that you have resolved it. I hope you have a great weekend.

  13. Hi, I am so grateful I found this forum post. I have spent hours the last two days trying to embed a youtube video in my blog. I'm not an HTML hotshot, I can barely get by and I have hired someone occaisonally just to make things work, so I'm not sure I understand. Is there a real work around and cansomeone walk me through how to go about it?
    FYI I am self hosted, using twenty ten theme with a firefox browser.

    in the past it was so easy, I just popped the video in and hit save draft and it was good to go. For the last two days I've tried adding it in the URL, I've tried embedding it a thousand different way.

  14. Jon,
    I'm not even sure what auto embed means?
    Should I add the [youtube=
    in front of the embed code from youtube?

    thanks for your help!

    PS. i went in and checked my older posts and the videos looked fine, so my problem seems to be with anything new.

  15. I am self hosted

    Have you tried using the shortcode? That's what jongoldstein177did

    Paste the video URL on a line by itself in your post/page editor. Then create a shortcode using the format below. Be sure to replace the URL listed here with the URL of your video.

  16. Looks like WP's own video embeds doesn't work properly right now:
    Maybe someone will do something to correct it :-)

  17. Here is a picture of the not-working-youtube-embed:
    taken from here:

  18. @christianlouw: The YouTube videos on the support document work perfectly for me. Have you tried any of the tips here?

  19. I don't see any problems on our end.

    Visit Settings -> Media in your blog's Dashboard and make sure that "Enable auto-embeds" is checked.

  20. Just use the shortcode as described above, and make sure it uses the OLD style URL for the video, the one in the browser bar, not the new one YouTube gives you in the box below the video.

  21. Hmm... Looks like I'm the one who has to do something :-)

    The problem with some embedded videos belongs to my own browser settings.
    If I log in as admin on my PC, all embeddings look fine on the web.
    Something or someone obviously changed my default-user-browser-settings.
    Maybe I'm the one to blame :-) Seems like I've got some work to do...

    Sorry for the disturbance, and thanks for the replies.

  22. News

    After my Adobe Flash Update to version yesterday, some embedded videos on the web wouldn't work for me as a default user. When I tried as administrator, there were no problems. But I won't surf as an admin!

    My cure for now was to restore my system 2 days backwards. Now I'm waiting for Adobe or Microsoft to adress the bug and post a cure. In the meantime, I'll try hard to keep my Adobe Flash ActiveX version and my Plug-in version

    They might be outdated, but they work fine on my Win7-IE9
    But the bug seems to be even older:

  23. This is bizarre. I've previously posted embedded YouTube videos. All I had to do was leave the url on a single line. Those videos still play. Yet when I try the same trick it won't work for new posts. I think I can spot the problem because if I go to settings. I cannot see any options for Media so I can't check auto-embed!

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