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    I am trying to figure out the best way to create a Video Gallery page. My issue is that I am not finding a plug in that seems to work for what I am looking to do… I have a VimeoPro account where we upload Church sermons… we are looking to have media page on our website where there is a player that is always on the top part of the page… and on the bottom we want a list with the sermon names, dates, and next to it I want to have the option for them to watch it or listen to the sermon… when someone clicks on the link, I would like for the video to be played on the player on the top of the page.. I do not want thumbnails of the videos below… would want to look like a list…


    Static Player HERE

    List of Sermons:
    Series: Abraham and his God.

    Facing your famine – Video Audio
    That’s what Friends are for – Video Audio
    The Perfect Walk – Video Audio

    Series Discipline of Holiness.

    Discipline of commitment – Video Audio
    Discipline of conviction – Video Audio
    Discipline of Testimony – Video Audio

    Any suggestion on how to make this happen?



    Not without a link to the site you need help with.



    Sorry,the website page is.. However this is the domain where the website is being build under right now.. When is goes live hopefully with in this week it will be under replacing



    Thanks for the link. Since the site you’ve indicated is not hosted on, where we are, we won’t be able to help you here.

    For help with a standalone WordPress install, please head over to If you don’t have a log-in there, you will have to sign up for one.

    WordPress and are entirely separate entities. For better understanding:




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