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video grief...

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to insert a youtube video. I hit the "add video" icon and copy the embed code into the form, but then nothing happens. I even tried to embed the code directly into the html version. Nothing.

    I watched the video, which interestingly has a slightly different form. It says you should insert the embed code, then in a second slot, add a title. I don't have the title slot.

    I am just experimenting with the service right. I am seriously thinking about moving a blog over to WordPress. Mostly I'm loving the ease of WordPress, but this is a real bump in the road.




  2. Janet, in wp you don't use the "add video" button for a youtube video and you don't embed its code; you just copy its URL from the address bar of your browser and insert it using this shortcode:

  3. Yes. In addition, you can find the answers to problems such as these in the FAQ. It will give you faster answers too.

  4. H'mmmm. I'll give it a try, but check out this video:

    The implication is that that you do indeed need to use the "add video" button and drop in the embed code.



  5. You do not. The BEST way is [youtube=URL]. Please believe me this is the best way.

  6. worked like a charm! thanks... but that video....



  7. @jaginsburg: "but that video...." You're right re that. But pasting the URL via the "Add video" button, as suggested in that FAQ, simply produces the shortcode we gave you: so it's a completely superfluous step (perhaps intended for those who can't memorize or don't want to copy-paste the shortcode, or because the button is more general, not for youtube videos only).

  8. (BUT the FAQ doesn't say "drop in the embed code", it says paste the URL.)

  9. you're right. I was writing in the middle of the night... They use the term "embed" in the video, but then tell you to drop in the url. I think my brain just merged the two and since the video does indeed embed, that's what tipped it.

    thanks again,


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