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Video image missing until post viewed

  1. I'm having trouble (suddenly) with my youtube video image; it doesn't show up (only a grey image with the name of the post) unless you click on the post, then you see the video image. Help! Anyone had this problem and solve it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the post this youtube is in please/
    What is the URL of the youtube?
    Have you used the shortcode to embed it as is described here?
    Have you used the embedding with a URL guide?
    Have you done as the youtube troubleshooting section suggests and made sure the youtube link is not hyperlinked?

  3. Thank you so much for your reply!:) Yes I did everything per directions, and tried it with shortcode, and I checked, it's not hyperlinked... :(

    This is actually the blog post I'm having problems with:
    (The other videos worked fine and everything was easy...)

    This is the video URL I'm using...


  4. Actually there are two posts that are not displaying the youtube image...

    Maybe this theme doesn't support hand shadows?!

  5. ;)

  6. This is the shortcode below. Change nothing! Place it on a line all by itself

  7. ARghh...!! I did... it's the same. I'll try with writing to the theme developers, otherwise, change the theme? So silly... ugh...!
    But that aside, I was really happy to find the topics of your Basic Blogging posts!! I am so your audience hehe... Much love for this support!

  8. Hi again,
    This is not a theme related issue. There is no need to contact anyone at all because that youtube is up and running in my test blog by using the shortcode I posted above.

  9. Yes the youtube video works with me too, it's just that it's image doesn't appear on the posts wall; ie. - (the 4th and 5th gray picture posts) Once you click on the post and go into it, the video is shown just fine... that's not the problem. Just checking that we're talking about the same thing? It's the image I'm missing for some reason.

  10. If you want an image in that post then you must upload one. The youtube will not display in the image placeholder spot. If you do not upload an image then the gray box is what you get.

  11. jeez.... yes that, err, solved the problem!:) Boy do I feel silly now. Thank you for your patience Timethief!

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