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Video in posters comment

  1. I have a site that sometimes moves pretty quickly. I had a poster comment with a video in their post. The youtube video shows up, but it now slows down the site. Is there a way to turn this off so the video doesn't show in the posters comment and just the link?

    Thanks in advanvce!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dashboard sidebar > Comments > click Edit (shows up when you hover under the comment) > get the URL of the video and turn into a link > click Update Comment.

  3. Thanks, but they are links. There has to be a way to turn it off. It has to be something new.

    Here is a sample: just posted this link:

    Here is what it looks like:

  4. Is this video comment thing new ?

  5. I guess so! They use to post as links, now they post as the video. Really slows down the site!

  6. I'll tag the thread for staff to see what they have say
    about the video slowing down your site.

  7. I just tried to break the short code into a link
    but when i pressed update the video returned.

  8. There's another thread here somewhere from this morning about this. I don't know if there was any resolution but the blogger wasn't happy about this change.(if it's a change and not an oops)

  9. @humbleopinion: Sorry, I thought you meant they posted the video shortcode, the way we do in posts. So, go to the comment editor again, highlight the video URL, click the "code" button, Update.

  10. Here is a short screen cast for the visual learners

    Thanks panaghiotisadam, for finding a work around for this video issue. = )

  11. Oops i broke the link here is the correct link for the
    screen cast tutorial

  12. Hmmm, interesting. I'm definitely going to use this, however much it slows things down. It took Gawker from 20-30 comments to 400-1000 per post on Friday nights. Hmmmm. Who doesn't love YouTube?

  13. This change is working out very badly for me. People are posting YouTube links in their comments to my blog, and sometimes they get converted to the video clip, but more often I just get big blank spaces where the links were posted. I have gone into the "edit comments" part and pushed the delete key a lot, sometimes deleting the "h" in the http and retyping it, adding punctuation such as a colon or dash (that seems to help)... In any event, I can fix it so this doesn't haappen, but I wish it weren't doing this.

  14. Ah, the big spaces problem!

    That happens because there are so many videos in a stream they are overloading your computer's abiility to download even the thumbnails. You can do a cache clear, or you can set the comments so that they break into new pages after no more than a half dozen or so. That will help.

  15. Thanks, that's helpful. But it would be easier altogether for me if the YouTube links in the comments were not being automatically converted to video clips in the first place. (I don't think that's even necessary. I like putting YouTube clips in the actual posts - and I go through a specific proecedure to do that - but I don't have to have them whenever someone lists a link in the comments.) Like humbleopinion above, I would like to find the switch that can turn this function off.

  16. This is indeed a recent change. I'll pass on the feedback and report back to you guys :)

  17. Thanks Hanni! An off on button would be wonderful! :)

  18. I second the ability to choose whether I allow it or not.

  19. Count my vote towards the option to turn this new feature on or off

  20. My vote is just no to this feature: if we cannot post images in comments, I don't see why we should be able to post videos.

  21. I totally agree. I've not seen any requests for or questions about posting videos, but there have been lots of people wondering how to post pictures in comments!

  22. So we get videos in comments, which no one asked for and don't get images, which people have asked for.

  23. Does Matt read Gawker? I guess now that they've absorbed Valleywag he must!

  24. Sorry, I don't understand?

  25. Yea that does suck I would rather have images then video but both would be nice ;)

  26. I just want the ability to turn either or both off.

  27. Well, my comment arose from the fact that the trend seemed to start on Gawker. And I KNOW Matt reads Valleywag. And Gawker took over Valleywag and made it just a category of earlier this year, So perhaps Matt got the idea from seeing it on Gawker.

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