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    Hi. I do not have Videopress, but the Support docs (Video>>Youtube) make it sound as if I can insert a video link from YouTube directly. First I clicked on the “insert video” icon above the kitchen sink, pasted in URL to dialog box, saved that, saved draft post. In Preview post I saw just the typed out address of the video, no video screen. I double checked Support doc above, it said you could just paste the URL into the text directly, so I tried that. Preview again showed typed out address, no video box. Tried again through add video icon / dialog box, and now my preview doesn’t even show the address, the text just runs on, no sign of the link at all. What am I doing wrong? Draft article entitled Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 2009. I did double check, the URL is correct – copied OUT of WordPress edit box and into fresh tab blank URL address box, and did get the correct video in our YouTube site, so my address is good. It is not hyperlinked in my draft. What else do I try? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Despite what the Support doc says, the surefire way is the WP shortcode:
    [youtube=URL HERE]


    I did see that, and that is exactly the way the add video icon / dialog box puts it in – and that is how it reads now in my edit post page, but nothing shows on the preview view. Thanks… I guess this is truly faulty, not just me being stupid and missing something, then, and I better ask support directly, then. thank you.


    oh fiddlesticks… support seems to have closed up shop temporarily. If you don’t mind, I’ll leave this open, see if any more suggestions come through.



    The shortcode works very well for me. The add media file from URL also works well for me.


    a) Which URL are you trying to use?
    b) Link to a post with the problem in question.


    URL for video – this is how WordPress posted the link into the edit post space when I used the add media file from URL function – and on the Preview there is nothing showing, no video link, no URL link text printed out, nothing, just uninterrupted blog text from before and after where the video is supposed to appear.


    The post is not published yet since this is not working, it is still in draft – are you people able to look at my drafts? the permalink is…s-vintage-2009/

    thank you very much.


    Staff can see your drafts but we volunteers cannot.

    But it’s not necessary now that you gave the shortcode you’re trying to use. The URL you used isn’t the URL of the video itself, it’s the URL of a user’s youtube channel. To see the right URL, click “Share” below the video. Shortcode should be:


    oh crikey… thank you! let me try that.


    Solved! Huge thank you! If you are ever in Porto, I owe you a glass of Port. Thank you!

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