Video or URL Link WILL NOT SHOW in post

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    I created a new blog and have read through a bunch of info to get started.
    I am hosing this on my own server, so I guess I have at least a decent amount of skill to set the thing up on Windows Home Server.
    I have uploaded video content to my wordpress, and have tried to add the video to new posts in several ways:

    Insert from computer
    Insert from URL
    Insert from Media Library

    The problem is that when I do this and save the post, I then preview it and there is nothing whatsoever to indicate that I just added a link/video to the post. Nada.
    I am using Meta-morphosis theme if that helps.

    Hope someone can help before I chuck this and go to blogger! (Seriously…’s become THAT frustrating).



    ok….after reading another post a few minutes ago from a guy having similar troubles….it seems that there may be issues with one of the plugins…so I deactivated the video plugins.
    I can now see the ‘link’ but am getting a ‘page cannot be displayed’ error when I try to click the link.
    The link is a small video saved in mp4 format. Do I need to add something special to play these videos? Ideally I would like to find a free player….even if I have to change the format of the videos.
    Additionally, I would like the videos to have the choice of being played by clicking the link (text) or as an embedded player.



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