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    Is there a free video player widget for

    I would like a little player that is embedded and you just click play and it plays and has adjustable size please!!!!!



    Hi. Could you please clarify where the video would be hosted/stored?



    ok well what i want is sort of complicated.

    i want to have the latest Ray William Johnson video from
    I have this link :
    and i would like a video player that can play this video, but would be even better if there was a video player that updated or whatever.
    also what would be good is if i can change the position of the player because i have this code which i use to place images around my site that stay there when scrolling the code is style=”display:scroll;position:fixed;top:0px;left:0px;”.

    Pretty much i would like a video player that can play YouTube videos and even better if it displayed the latest Ray William Johnson video, doesn’t start automatically, has adjustable themes and/or have a playlist function and that i can have it in the top left hand corner.
    Something with all or most of these wishes would be GREAT!!!



    In order to embed that youtube in a post or page on a free hosted blog you can follow these instructions for the youtube shortcode in the support documentation.

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