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video playing in slow frames

  1. hey everyone, just started a new blog on wp,, and all of the video in my posts play really slow in a frame by frame sequence. i'm just using the basic youtube option in the post video uploader. any ideas why it's not playing smoothly like it should?

    thanks, ac

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ps, i have other blogs, and have never had this problem. ac

  3. Hi. Your videos appear just fine for me. I don't notice any slow framerate. Have you tried emptying your cache memory and deleting your cookies, or using another browser?

    You could also compare viewing the video on your blog and then separately on YouTube.

  4. hey, thanks for the suggestions. the video runs just fine on youtube, but still slow on my site, or at least in my browser. i have used the same browser for years, i empty my cache often, and yet i have only had problems since starting this new blog just a few days ago. video on my other blogs works fine as well.

    i don't get it. thanks for checking it anyway.

  5. @acfitness
    Please tell us which browser and version of it you are using.
    Have you tried another browser?
    If so which browser and version of it did you try and what were the results please?
    Is your Flash version up to date?
    Have you tried these other troubleshooting techniques?

  6. i'm using IE 8. i have always used IE and have never had a problem. now all of the sudden it's doing this.

    However, i did just try firefox and it runs perfectly. why would that be? i don't mind switching over, but i wish i knew why i was switching over in case i run into the problem again.

    any ideas? thanks, ac

  7. All browsers display sites differently A recent upgrade of wordpress has caused those with IE7 and IE8 browsers some difficulties. see here - scroll to the bottom of the post

    If you wish to see how your blog displays in other browser you can use this free site

  8. Just a theory, but I noticed that Internet Explorer has the detestable habit of starting at normal speed, but going slower and slower as the number of pages visited since I opened it grows. Back when I used an older computer, in order to get normal speed again, I often found myself having to close IE and even go through the task manager to kill all remaining IE processes (which would eat up all the memory available) and reopening IE all over again.

    That was until I discovered Firefox. :-)

  9. @airodyssey
    Yep, that describes my experience as well. :) I'm a Firefox girl now and I only use IE when I have to help others asking questions.

  10. thanks folks. both of you have been very helpful. ac

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