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Video Podcast & iTunes/Wordpress

  1. Has anyone been successful with setting up a Video Podcast(mp4 or mv4) files on WordPress and linked the feed into iTunes?

    Can't figure out if this is possible.

    Any help/guidance is very appreciated.

  2. I did this with MP3s but I routed the feed through feedburner to have it more iTunes friendly. I believe there is no reason that this shouldn't work with a Vidcast.

  3. Thanks DeltaFoxTrot,
    I think Feedburner is the best way as well....unfortunately I can't even find a way to upload and mp4 to my upgraded 5gig account here at wordpress.

  4. upload it the same as a picture - through the add media link

  5. I can up load an mp4, but I guess that you have to upload a m4v file for iTunes to read it...I can't see a way to do this..

    Anyone have any advice about how to use WordPress to post videos for iTunes to read? I will set it up thought Feedburner...but have to have it up on WordPress first. (I guess) If I'm going about this wrong please let me know.

    Many THANKS!!!

  6. Just rename the mv4 extension to mp4 and upload it. It should work just fine.

    The m4v extension is purely Apple's fancy. The Servers don't accept the file with a m4v extension even though it is structurally an MPEG-4 video file, the same as mp4. Apple has started m4* extensions to differentiate between several kinds of mp4 files:

    m4a MPEG-4 Audio (e.g.: music from the iTunes Store)
    m4v MPEG-4 Video (video for iPod and other Apple products)
    m4r MPEG-4 Ringtone (for iPhone)
    m4p MPEG-4 Protected (protected content from the iTunes store)

    All these could come with a mp4 extension as well.
    Puzzled? Me too.

  7. Do you need the space upgrade for that? Just to be 100% clear.

  8. Yes, you need it. Meatgrinder has it, as stated in the 3rd post of this thread.

  9. Thanks. I have a problem with this "reading for comprehension" thing.

  10. Thank you DeltaFoxTrot! Will give it a go...

  11. Am i an idiot? Don't answer that.

    I have uploaded the pilot as an mp4 but iTunes doesn't recognize it when its embeded in my blog. even tried to put a link to the file on our server. Still no go...

    Do I need to do something that I have no idea about?

    Why is this so hard to get iTunes to see the episode?

  12. I don't have a link to your blog. That would help. Thanks.

  13. that might help,
    u rock Delta,thx for your help

  14. I think I got it. You have the URL in the post… but not as a link. You need a proper link to the file for feedburner and subsequently iTunes to pick it up.

    Find the instructions on writing links here:

    Afterwards I'd like to see a link to your feedburner feed. Just to be sure.

  15. Again, thanks Delta,

    I added the necessary coding but still not still no go. iTunes says the feed has no episodes. Its frustrating.

    Do I need an XML code in the directory folder on my server? This has got to be easier than this, just missing something simple that I have no idea about.

    Damn, iTunes is such a good avenue of distribution.

    Did you take five minutes to watch the crazy episode?

    Feedburner feed is:

    Thanks for all your help, just want to get this sorted before Monday if possible as we are being featured on a G4TV segment.

  16. Maybe I need an XML file in my servers director?

    Maybe I should find someone that does this regularly and ask them to show me how to do it....

  17. The XML file you nee is your Feed at:

    You need to "burn" it with feedburner because the Feed lacks information necessary for iTunes. Feedburner adds this, especially it converts the link to the download file into an "enclosure" which you need.

    Please consult these links, before giving up:;jsessionid=79D5F11650F1E31B9C679EE823BD308E.app2

  18. So you think that everything is set up correctly on WordPress I'm deducing, and it has to do with my feedburner feed?

    The google snippet is good but the link on is 404 :(

    The hunt continues...

  19. Your feedburner link seems defunct.


    Try this...sry someone said we should have the shows name in there instead of meatgrinder weblog

    This is frustrating and i forgot the to include the change...:)

  21. Odd thing Delta

    When i click on (The Pilot), which should be a link to download, on my blog it doesn't start to download, and when I CRTL click it doesn't offer me to download the file. (Working on a MAC)

    Is that creating an issue?

  22. Your link to the file is empty. Edit the post, switch to HTML view and locate the following piece:
    <p><a >The Pilot</a ></p>
    When you have this fixed, the only thing to make sure is to have the setting at feedburner as in the following screenshot (I'm on Mac too):

  23. Delta I can't thank you enough for your time and advice.

    Unfortunately, I have entered the link as
    The Pilot

    Multiple times and all that shows up on my entry is The Pilot aspect and it is an empty link. I don't know if wordpress will allow me to point a link to my server. How to get this to work has stumped me and I know its something very simple that I don't know. As i've worked in HTML for some time now (4yrs) this is down right frustrating.

    I've even posted a link on forum for someone here in Los Angeles to meet up with me tomorrow to show me how in exchange for $50.

    Just want to get it figured out.

    Oh and yea,
    my feedburner is set to rich media.

  24. See even in the above reponse the link code doesn't come out right so here it is again

    (((The Pilot))))

    I put the parentheses to see if it would visually available to you

  25. I didn't see the episode yet and I want to subscribe. Tell me the URL of the file on the servers and I'll help you to implement it.

  26. I now have a live link if you check out the blog

    it has an image as the button
    but iTunes doesn't recognize any episodes, i may have to walk away from this for the day other wise I may kill my dog to blow off some steam. ;)

  27. With this link it should work properly but doesn't.

    My wisdom fails me here, sorry.

  28. no problem Delta
    Thank you for your time and helping the show get to this stage.

    Do check out the site
    and sign up for a newletter and we'll keep you informed.

    Thanks again!

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