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Video Podcasting and sending to iTunes

  1. I have upgraded to Videopress but I still can not get my videos to show up in iTunes. I can get my audio podcasts to show up in the feed but not the video podcasts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I believe you will need Staff help. Please conatact them using this link >

  3. I won't be paying wordpress anything. This site was recommended to me by NLP Life Training who use this site. I've spent hours creating my page and I can't embed any videos which you're supposed to be able to do. Any embedding code gets shortened down to a bloody http;// line, taking out the all important code to show the video. All I'm left with on the page is an ordinary bloody link. What's the point? I've contacted support. And I bet I'm not the only one with this problem. Waste of space.

    I've been given my own free business website so I shall be using that from now on and none of this rubbish having to upgrade. If wordpress can't get the simple things right what business do they have asking people to pay them good money for upgrades?

  4. Have you even attempted to search the forums or the support documentation? This is easily cleared up by even a cursory search.'s greatest advantage is its security, which is why simple embeds don't work. We have workarounds for virtually any kind of video, but you do have to go so far as to read the instructions.

  5. @raincaoster

    I have upgraded to Videopress

    There have been several videopress threads lately and Staff are aware of them. This member needs to contact Staff.

  6. Those are two different users.

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