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    Upgraded to Video Press.
    When uploading constant hanging message Video being processed which does not go away.
    If i select insert into post it appear’s to work and video is posted on Blog.
    Video then will not play and even if i click on button to stop playing it continues attempting to load.
    The only way to get the video to play is to select the share button and select ogg theora whereby it play’s ok.
    even though in general i have enough prog’s to play many types of movie’s installed.
    Window’s 7-Google Chrome
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Would you like to try a different browser, like Firefox 14.0.1?


    Just checked the media library and for some strange reason it is showing the file’s as ogg.

    Location of the Ogg video file.
    Which the file clearly is not as it is an Avi and the other’s are Flv.
    I don’t think the browser is at fault although the hanging could be a symptom but the alteration and acceptance of a file type is not.
    I will load another file and if not successful will attempt firefox


    Have uploaded a trial music video.
    even using Firefox it hung on video being processed-I published it and it play’s fine yet it will still not play using Chrome without having to select the Ogg button from the Share dropdown.
    The uploaded file is noted as Avi in the Media Library-but in the Edit Media it once again is Ogg.
    Will try one more file using a different format-Flv and post result here soon


    Ok solved the problem.
    Internet download manager need’s to be disabled to prevent it grabbing the link’s first.
    If you don’t want to disable IDM then ctrl/alt is required to play.
    Thank’s for your time



    Wow! I’m so impressed with your persistance. Thanks so much for sharing how you resloved this and best wishes for troublefree blogging. :)


    Should have mentioned that you need to disable the direct download from pasteboard for each separate browser in IDM.
    It’s all about helping.
    Hope it help’s someone else sometime.
    Many thank’s for your help again…..



    Thanks for the additonal information as well. :)

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