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    I bought my VideoPress upgrade and uploaded my video (twice under different filenames). I got the “it’s being processed” message. I waited (overnight), but although it’s in my media library (both times), the Preview and Insert button doesn’t work, and there is no shortcode indicated. Any idea why? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    I have exactly the same problem. I also noticed that in some of the help documentation screenshots there is language like “this video will be processed in ten minutes” and I’m not getting that. Just “This video is being processed” and it never is…

    What’s up, WordPress peeps?

    I’m at


    Hello, can anyone from WordPress help, or at least answer? Thanks a lot!


    Hi technicalcopywriting,

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’m taking a look right now.


    Thanks Bryan. Looking forward to hearing from you


    While I wait to hear back from our developers, can you try converting the video to MP4 using Miro Video Converter, then upload the MP4 file?


    OK thanks for the tip Bryan. I’ll give it a go.


    Bryan, thanks for the tip. The MP4 video seems to be processed fine and is also embedded good too. Thanks again, appreciated.


    Fantastic! You’re welcome!



    One of our developers would like to see the original video you were trying to upload since we should support the DX50 (DivX 5.0) codec.

    Would you mind uploading the video to a Dropbox folder, then email the share link to us?

    Please email us through our contact form with this subject:

    VideoPress and DivX 5.0 (re: Bryan)

    …and include a link to this forum thread:



    thanks Bryan, I have sent you the file via Dropbox as requested (I think).


    Hi Denzil,

    Thanks! I received the Dropbox link, but the file was 33 KB. Can you double-check again?

    This is the link I get when I click the “share link” button.


    I’ve downloaded that file again, and when I opened it, a video didn’t play. I also viewed the file info in Finder and saw that the file size was 33 KB. (It should be larger.)

    Can you find the original video file, check the file size, and view the video before copying it to your Dropbox folder and sending a new link?

    (Also, please reply to the original email you sent so it goes directly to me.)


    It’s the first time I’ve used dropbox and I don’t think I’ve got the hang of it, unless this works, then I have.


    That was it — thanks!

    I also hope you like Dropbox! It’s a super helpful service that I use daily. :-)


    Oh, and please feel free to remove the video file from your Dropbox folder to free up space. I’ve downloaded it to my computer, and I’ll pass it onto our developer who wanted to take a closer look at it.

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