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    How long should a video take to process? I uploaded it yesterday at 5.00pm (it’s an mp4 file approx 80MB) and it still says that it is processing. Should it really take this long?



    In another thread which I can’t find now, a staffer indicated that it’s the upload indicator which may be broken; your video may already be uploaded. Can you open another window and see if you can find it in your files?


    You’re right, if I click on the ‘Permalink’ I can view the video using the Quicktime plugin, but how do I insert the video into a page? Because it doesn’t show as completed there is no ‘insert into page’ button.



    You’re ahead of my knowledge there. So, it’s in your media library? Can you click on Show and get the information there?


    No, because in the media library it shows as still processing. Also since the changeover the video code that you use to embed a video into your page (ie. video#### w=400) no longer shows up in the media library.

    In the post that you refered to in your initial reply did they give any indication of when this is likely to be fixed?



    No, not that I can recall. Send in a Support ticket; they’re open all weekend and you seem to be the only one reporting this and still having this issue.


    Thanks for your help. I contacted support on Friday about this issue but am still awaiting a reply.



    Then I’d hold off. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon. I know if you sent in a ticket they’ve got you in the queue.



    In the meantime, is there another platform you can load it to and maybe use the Vodpod widget to display it?


    Can you use Vodpod in a post as well as the sidebar?



    Yes, Universalgeni talks about it. I’ll see if I can find the posts.





    Try this; it’s not an exact match to say the least, but it’s a start:

    and I should be getting to bed, but if you’ve got time take a look at the threads started by Universalgeni:

    There appears to be nothing about Vodpod that blogger doesn’t know.



    I’m having the same problem uploading videos with this darn new WP 2.5. One’s been processing for two days. So I resorted to using Vodpod to post a video, which actually ends up with a very high quality video. Here, you can take a look at this posting that I made today to see:


    Do you have any idea when this will be resolved?



    We fixed a few video upload glitches over the weekend.

    Currently, videos with size less than 50 Mb can be successfully processed.
    For larger size videos, we are having an issue with curl library posting the processed flash video to our file servers. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

    When the status message says “Your video is being processed. Please check back later” Yet if it’s been a long time (such as over 30 minutes since the message was first displayed), it means that the initial upload ran into an issue, which has been fixed over the weekend. You can delete it and try re-uploading it

    To delete it: (Add video => Media Library => select the video, click on “Show”, then click “Delete” button.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience and support.




    Ok, drahailin, will try that, as I have the same problem as theimpossibleprincess,
    but what about the problem with no button for insert video to post?



    The button for inserting shortcode into post appears only when the video is processed successfully.

    BTW, if anyone has “Your video is being processed. Please check back later” being displayed for a long time issue, please show me your blog, I can fix it for you without re-uploading your videos.



    Hi frafilm:
    It appears your video titled “bbc-living-style-episode-1” is 72M.
    So that hit an issue I described earlier for large video size.
    We will work to resolve this asap, and will take note of your blog and keep you updated.

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