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    It looks like Lockerz won’t be replacing the video widget vodpod hosted. Do you foresee a new one being created any time soon?

    I’m using text widgets for now, but really liked the functionality of the old one.

    Any updates or suggestions?


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    I assume you addressing this to Staff and have flagged this thread so it’s moved to the Ideas Forum.



    Thanks, Timethief. I wasn’t sure where to put it, since this is a topic and idea that seems to have died with vodpod.

    My question is mostly to the Staff, but also to anyone who misses the look and functionality of the vodpod video widget.

    If it is better to frame my question as a new idea, I should expand on what I lost by using the text widget as an alternative. Most significant to my interests, Vodpod supported CSPAN video, which made it possible to display CSPAN video clips in the sidebar. I’m not sure why, but CSPAN’s website still says that vodpod is the best third party for embedding their videos on Lockerz allows me to “grab” the CSPAN video clips in the same way vodpod did, but without a widget I don’t know how to embed them in the sidebar. Is this a flash issue and the reason vodpod was a necessary third party?

    In June, Lockerz responded to an inquiry by saying that was looking into recreating the widget, but everything went quiet after that.

    Also, in terms of look and page design, Vodpod offered a double column widget that enabled videos to pop out when you clicked on them. This made it possible to offer a large volume of content on the front page and looked good.

    I’ve also noticed that the website takes longer to load using text widgets than it did with the video widget.

    If there are any updates or suggestions or glimmers of hope for the creation of a new video sidebar widget, I’d appreciate reading them.

    I imagine these may be unique interests, but a year ago they were possible.

    Thanks much.

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