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Video Size Limit?

  1. mcdonaldcentre

    I just bought the video upgrade for a series of large videos I want to share. The files range from 1.3 to 1.7 GB and about 90 minutes in length. This shouldn't be a problem, because, as the site says, "VideoPress supports videos up to two hours in length and uploads up to 2 GB in size." However, these are rejected as too large when I try to upload them. What gives? Is the VideoPress site incorrect about the limits?
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  2. I would like to get some more information.

    1. What web browser and version are you using?
    2. Where are you encountering the issue? Please send specific links.

    Screenshots are a huge help - can you please send screenshots of the issue so we can better understand the issue? Please see for information on making screenshots.

  3. mcdonaldcentre

    1. I'm using the latest Chrome, though I tried it in IE with the same result.
    2. Occurs when I try to upload the file (i.e., when I "Select Files" in the Media Library - Add New screen).

    Screen shot:

    In the meantime, I've reduced my video size, which suffices as a temporary workaround, but I would prefer to upload the full-sized ones, given that VideoPress specifically promises the ability to upload videos up to 2 GB.

  4. The maximum upload size as it is stated on the screenshot is 1G as it is also written in the VideoPress support page:

    "How big of a file can I upload?
    We’ve had good success with file sizes up to 1 GB. You can try file sizes up to 1.4 GB, but your experience may vary. Remember, uploading big files can take a long time!"

  5. mcdonaldcentre

    However that site is contradicted by, which reads, "VideoPress supports videos up to two hours in length and uploads up to 2 GB in size. Your video platform should not limit your storytelling or creativity." So it seems that one of these sites is in error...

  6. Thank you for reporting this, I will forward this information in order to have it corrected.

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