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  1. Hi !
    I am creating my first webbsite with wordpress and i would like to have a video that automatically start when somebody arrives on my homepage.
    Like for this website to have an idea :

    Is it possible with wordpress ?

    Thank you very much in advice !

  2. Hello,
    That is not a free hosted blog. We provide support only for free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and you are posting to the wrong support forum. and have different log-ins and run different versions of themes with same names. If you don't have a username account at WordPress.ORG click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.ORG bloggers.

  3. Sorry timethief but mine is a blog :
    Could you help me now ? :)

  4. Hi tomderhy, I see that airodyssey helped you solve this on the French forums. (Thanks, airodyssey!) I'm going to close this thread, so you can reply on the thread in the French forums if you need further help with this:

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