Video Upgrade vs. Space Upgrade

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    I am wanting to post videos to my blog and I have been looking into the video upgrade and the space upgrade. I am confused though. Do I have to purchase both in order to upload videos or can I just upload the space upgrade? Does anyone know how this works?

    The blog I need help with is


    In short, the videopress upgrade allows you to upload videos while the space upgrade allows you to upload mp3s and other audio files.

    Note well: uploading to your blog isn’t the same as posting: to insert videos in your posts you don’t need any upgrade.



    Can I insert videos from my computer? I have a video that I made that I want to put on my blog – would this require the video upgrade then? (Sorry I’m not a computer person ;). Thanks for the help!



    Yes, it would require the video upgrade IF you upload it to WP and then post it. But you can upload it to, say, YouTube and insert it for free in your blog if you want, using the Youtube shortcode described in the Video link above.

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