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    Hey everybody,

    me and my friend Pomme are uploading lots of videos on our WordPress-blog :), but we would like to know if you know any good video upload programs. We are now using Google Video, but that one’s very slow. YouTube doesnt work well for us either, and our files are too ‘big’ for uploading them on websites like Putfile or Dropshots.
    Please, if you have any suggestion, help!! ;)
    Oh – and feel free to check out the videos, off course! XD

    Thanks a big bunch!



    heh heh

    Are they work safe? :)




    wow, you are so amusing drmike.

    those girls are 15, so don’t be a jerk.



    I’m sitting in the middle of a college library having security guards look over my shoulder every 15 minutes, I’ve seen the number of adult sites we have here at, and I have no idea what their ages are. I think it’s a valid question.

    And I politely suggest you may want to watch who you’re calling a jerk. Note the thingie under my name to your left.



    drmike, I did not call you a jerk, I politely asked you not to be one. I think it’s a valid point.

    When I clicked on this link in hopes of finding an answer, I instead found the “moderator” asking 15 year old girls if their videos were work safe. And clearly, if you are in a college library, you aren’t even at work.

    I highly doubt would award me consequences for that comment. And if so, the internet is a big big place. So, congrats on being a moderator. Thanks for answering our questions and keeping this forum a safe place to post.





    Simple question: what is the upload size limit for WordPress for each file?

    Can’t find the answer anywhere.

    Please someone tell me!

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