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    Hello, WordPress people. Firstly I would like to appreciate your service. Though it is free, it is as useful as those .com ways.
    I am an artist so I introduce my music, drawing and video.
    I used to own’s but rom someday I dcided to use as my official homepage.

    It is very satisfying but I found something I want from
    Though it is possible to show video through my website, I need to show it through Youtube.
    I don’t who other’s video on my website and I just want to show my videos.

    I want to show my videos directly on without or any other video web pages.

    I tried to upload video file rom my computer but only image files were able to be uploaded.

    It happens same to audio.

    I want to upload the music I made into but only image files were able to be uploaded unless I link some other site’s my music address.

    I wish it would be possible to upload video and audio for free without other website’s help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Yoonkee.
    Have you tried the soundcloud audio player for your music?
    I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas on your video problem other than paying for the upgrade but maybe someone else might have an idea. :)


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    If you want audio and video loaded on your site, you’ll need “Space Upgrade” and “VideoPress”

    {please note that typing all caps is considered as shouting and is rude.]

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