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    Hi there
    To date I’ve embedded around 4 YT video urls successfully on my site by pasting the url on the page.
    Today (& I’m doing everything exactly the same) for some reason when I click ‘paste’, nothing pastes. It is blank.
    I tried pasting a url I’d posted successfully yesterday but it didn’t paste. In fact it won’t paste back where I originally had it either. I’ve tried pasting it on 3 different pages altogether, still won’t paste.
    I also tried removing one in case there was a limit in how many I could post but that made no difference either.
    (BTW my paste function works pasting just text onto the page, just the urls won’t work).

    Would be grateful of some help with this.

    Thank you. : )

    The blog I need help with is



    what is the URL of the video?



    this is the one that initially wouldn’t paste:

    This is the one that did paste a few days ago & now won’t (on any page & can’t even put it back where it was):

    I’ve also tried pasting first into notepad then the page, doesn’t work either.
    Thanks raincoaster for replying : )



    I’ve had this problem today too. What i’ve been doing is doing Control V and that has seemed to work.



    This has all really gone weird now. I cannot even paste ordinary text any more, let alone video urls. In fact I would view page only to find (after editing) that whole paragraphs had become linked to one of the links I had in the text to another website. It is all behaving very strangely & feel I can’t proceed without help. I don’t want to lose all my hard work!

    Please help!



    thanks sam, not sure what you mean there though? Just seen your response as posted last time. Will have another tinker.



    Thanks again sam, I pasted then hit control V for both text and for video url & bingo they appear (for anybody else who reads this). Weird. Worked anyway … so problem solved.
    Much appreciated : )

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