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Video widget?

  1. wilderwordsmtl

    I am looking for a widget that will allow me to insert a video into the sidebar of my blog. I do have the video option on my blog.
    Right now I have to put my videos on a page, and I'm finding that readers are having trouble initially finding the page. The videos link from my Youtube channel.

    I have found a different theme with a three column format with two sidebars, but a featured widget spot at the top across the two sidebars. This would be great if I could insert the videos there.

    This is my first week on WordPress, I am both delighted and astonished to have gotten this far this soon. I am looking forward to learning more. It is possible that I could use CSS to add a video place, but that is well beyond me right now.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. wilder
    In your Pilcrow theme this is working for me to put a YouTube video in the sidebar.

    Add a text widget to the side bar. Take the share/embed code from the YouTube page of your video and add it to the text-part of the Text widget so it looks like this:

    It appears that "1TZA171yxY4" is the ID of the video at YouTube. So if your embed code from YouTube looks like this:
    try putting the "1TZA171yxY4" part of the ID from YouTube into the format inside the brackets.

    There's an article here: but it looks like putting a video into a sidebar takes some different coding than put it into a page.


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