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    I am working with a friend that has VideoPress for videos and has WordPress hosted on a virtual host, not of How do I add the videos to the hosted WordPress without sharing them with the world. I can use the shared embedded code but that allows anyone to have access to the videos. if i turn off shared then i can not add the videos to the hosted site.



    Please remove the blog link from your username – thank you.



    Then proceed to take your question up directly with Staff



    This site has this to say:

    Privacy controls

    Not everyone wants their videos to spread all over the web. VideoPress helps you restrict your content to your own sites or sites you select. Embeds, feed enclosures and other sharing options are completely optional. Our video player verifies each website displaying your videos has been explicitly granted permissions (if you choose to restrict your content).

    However, nothing is mentioned about how to do that.

    Perhaps the plugin is required on the stand alone blog


    timethief – I am not sure what you are asking me to do as far as removing the blog link from user name.

    justjennifer – Thanks for the suggestion but I tried the plugin with the same results.

    I will take this to support and add the answer here after I get it to work.

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