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    I hope I am in the right forum, otherwise please re-direct me.

    I have VideoPress and use it on my self hosted sites. The problem is not about VideoPress as such, but about the embed codes used.

    I have a small problem with my VideoPress embed codes…but only in a particular situation. Normally they work fine in posts and pages [wpvideo blah-blah] but I get a problem when I want to use the HTML embed code.

    So I have a few questions:
    1. Is the HTML embed code only available as a flash version?
    2. When you use the embed code, is it possible to include the Url of the file you want to embed, instead of its shortcode?

    For those interested or curious I have a website that shows videos on the frontpage. The theme supports Youtube and Vimeo files directly but not VideoPress (which is annoying since I love VideoPress).
    When you put in an embed code for Youtube, the video will show up in a “featured” area as well as pop up in a new window when you click its thumbnail on the frontpage.
    The VideoPress file does ALMOST the same…it shows up in the “Featured” area but when you clock its thumbnail you get the official VideoPress tutorial file instead…very strange. If you go to the Page/Post where the video is shown, you get the right video again. Very strange.
    So the problem only persists when you click the thumbnail on the frontpage, in order to see the VideoPress file in a small new windows.

    The site is called The specific VideoPress file is called “Arendal Senior, NM 2012”. It is on the front page and also in the “Featured” area on the top.

    Thanks in advance. Any small suggestion is highly appreciated. You’ll be my heroes forever if you can help me crack this



    1. Yes, the HTML embed code is currently Flash-only. You’ll have to use the shortcode to provide both Flash and HTML5 embeds for now.

    2. No, the code will need to be used exactly as provided.

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