Videopress for secure videos on my site?

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    If I’m mis-posting, please forgive a newbie. I’m attempting to discern whether videopress is the best solution for the need I have. Here’s what I want:

    • A third-party video service that is easy to use
    • Keeps my videos secure
    • Allows me to show the videos on my site (my domain–not a wordpress blog), so that I can limit viewing of my videos to those who login

    I’ve attempted to learn enough about how the service works, and have been unable to find specific information. Feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




    Hello Jay,

    I just purchased the upgrade and can confirm the lack of documentation, but it does appear to suit your needs.

    Its very easy to use (no configuration options = simplicity).
    Videos are rather secure because you can choose not to display embed code and you can limit broadcasting to your domain.
    You only need a account to pay for the service. Then you can do everything from your self hosted wordpress installation.

    I’ve hit a few minor speed bumps but support is super fast here. So I would definately go with this solution if you want something that just works in minutes.

    Good luck,



    Since this forum deals exclusively in WordPressdotcom blogs, it would be hard to know about what would be happening on blogs that are not WordPressdotcom. Have you read the info here ?



    @c, thanks for the response. I appreciate it. I think vp may indeed fit my needs.

    @jennifer, I did read that page, thank you. I was hoping to find actual detailed documentation on features, etc.



    Follow-on question: is there an API to videopress?



    Not sure. But again, if you aren’t going to be running it here on WordPressdotcom, it might be best to move over to the ORG forum to ask your questions. The reason is that our experience here will be very different from sites/blogs not hosted here.

    And if I’ve misunderstood your first post, where you say

    Allows me to show the videos on my site (my domain–not a wordpress blog)

    then I’m sure someone else will be along to assist. But for me, it’s goodnight. Cheers!



    I read that same section in the OP the same way justjennifer did. We don’t provide support here on the peer support forum for any blogs other than those being provided by and being free hosted by wordpress.COM. All blogs which are web hosted by any other web hosts must get their support from http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    For clarity on the differences between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG >



    Thank you both for your help.



    Oops–that was actually me under a client’s account in that last entry. : )

    One last question: the other day I FINALLY found the page to PURCHASE videopress, and now I can’t find it again. I’m stunned that they make it so difficult to do!

    Can someone please give me the link? Thanks.



    Ah, found it.

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