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Videopress hanging in processing stage with .mp4 files.

  1. Dear Support,

    I just upgraded to Videopress + additional 5GB space.

    Works great with .mov & .avi files.

    The .mp4 files from my Panasonic HD camera hang somehow, processing never completes.

    The same files upload to Youtube just fine & I am baffled as most of my videos are in .mp4 format.

    The .mp4 files I tried to upload are listed in my media library but you will see that processing never completed.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Nico Morrison
    London UK.
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  2. I see two MP4s on your Media Library, one of them is playing normally for me. As to the second one, it could have been an encoding error, could you try re-uploading?

  3. Wow! Support ... great :)

    paul_leake_kailash_ray_interviews_1_300h00m00s-00h00m12s.mp4 - The file that works was shot with a Cisco FLIP HD camera and uploaded to, from which I downloaded it. So it's either a native FLIP camera .mp4 or as re-encoded by who knows?

    imga0009.mp4 - Not working, a direct upload from my Panasonic HM-TA1 camera (UK bought) set to 720p. It and several others (deleted sorry) were all in that format. First time I've had a problem with my camera files, though I convert to .flv so I do not know if they work with Youtube.

    I am about to upload a small slice from my camera but set to full HD 1080p, just a couple of seconds, maybe that'll work.

    I have a slicer do if you want a file attached to an email 2-3MB, I'm happy to email to you.

    Thanks for the support, without my .mp4 camera files working I'm stymied ..

    Nico Morrison
    London UK

  4. Please email the slice to [email redacted], pointing to this forum thread. Thanks for the patience.

  5. Emailed a slice 2 u, did you get it?

    Nico M

  6. Bump! You got the slice?

  7. Howdy,

    I'm taking a look at your ticket right now. Thanks for checking in!

  8. Erica, Got yr update, I've tried uploading a few slices from my Panasonic camera & none of them get processed. I too can play them locally.

    If I convert them using Quick Media Converter to what they call "Youtube HD Upload format" then they get processed fine byVideopress.

    Something in your processing chain does not like my camera files, other files I can upload fine.

    I have just uploaded another slice IMGA0014(00h00m00s-00h00m01s) which does not seem to be being processed.

    FYI My upload speeds here in the Himalayan mountains are very slow but that does not seem to impact on anything, I just have to be very patient. I'll be back in the UK in a few weeks & then can work faster.

    Thank you for the excellent support. I DO need Videopress to work with my camera files otherwise there's not much point in my paying for it ...

    Nico M

  9. Just a bump! Monday. Hope the NYC storm wasn't too bad.

    I really really need your system to process the Panasonic Camera .MP4 files. It is obvious that the Videopress system cannot handle them, and that they ARE OK because you yourself could play them in your player.

    This is crucial for me, without these working I will have to cancel Videopress as the majority of my videos are in this format.

    Thank you in advance.

    Nico Morrison

  10. Hi Nico,

    VideoPress is able to process your MP4 files. When I tried uploading one of your videos to my own test account, everything uploaded and was processed correctly.

    A slow internet connection can affect your VideoPress uploads. Were you able to re-try uploading the MP4 file you sent to us in your Support ticket? Was it able to load properly?

    Have you encountered this issue recently with any .avi or .mov files or have you only been uploading MP4 files of late?

  11. Hi Erica,

    I understand your thinking.

    I have uploaded a .MOV a .AVI and .MP4 from other sources with no problems.

    None of my Panasonic .MP4 ever finished processing.

    I will be back in the UK in two weeks with a fast broadband. Let's sort this out then,

    Thank you,
    Nico M

  12. Hi Nico,

    Thank you for your patience with this. Please keep me updated on your progress to see if changing Internet connections helps. Feel free to respond via the Support email as well.

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