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VideoPress - Player always on top despite z-index

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    A Flash movie in a layer on a DHTML page containing several layers may display above all the layers, regardless of the stacking order ("z-index") of those layers. This is the case with the VideoPress player in Internet Explorer 8.


    By default, browsers place embedded plug-in content, such as a Flash movie or Java applet, on the topmost layer. In older browsers, attempts to place a DHTML layer on top of a Flash layer would fail. Newer browsers add the ability to layer Flash content with DHTML content and in some cases the ability to use transparent backgrounds in the Flash content (see below).


    Use the WMODE parameter to allow layering of Flash content with DHTML layers. The WMODE parameter can be 'window' (default), 'opaque', or 'transparent'. Using a WMODE value of 'opaque' or 'transparent' will prevent a Flash movie from playing in the topmost layer and allow you to adjust the layering of the movie within other layers of the HTML document.


    How can this be done? Since we use short codes to embed the player in pages, how can we avoid the video overlapping drop down menus?


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