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Videopress poster image looks terrible

  1. The poster frame, or hold frame before the video actually plays back, is my issue. Why does the quality look so horrible before the playback begins? It is a terrible representation of the video before it plays, even when HD is selected in the settings for playback.

    How is this fixed??

  2. You have under an hour before I start paying Vimeo, and refer to videopress as a rip-off with bad customer support...


  3. Hi there,

    You are correct, the still image which is loaded as a preview for VideoPress is a low-res sample which you can designate from any point in your video which you upload to your site. At this time there is no way to upload a higher resolution version nor to pull a higher res still from the video itself.

  4. great...
    Anybody who is having this problem- Vimeo does really well with video, and I recommend it. It's about $60/year and worth it. The basic functions, you would expect to be provided, are made very user friendly. Don't make the same mistake I did. Videos through videopress are also stamped with their logo, even when you pay for the service.

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