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    Okay so I am thinking about starting a new (or migrating) blog and I’m already set on starting on a custom domain.

    However since we’re going to be a gaming (or just PlayStation) news blog I’d like to have video content (quite a bit — HD trailers, us at E3, etc.). So I’m wondering if I should upgrade to VideoPress or not right off the bat (as I most definitely will in the future).

    However I’m wondering what VideoPress has over YouTube?

    – Can VideoPress videos be viewed on mobile browsers (including the iPhone) — please note that I won’t allow users to download videos, only share them?

    – How does VP compare to YT in terms of SEO (I will be on a custom domain)? I know that obviously YT attracts more viewers than VPs in general.

    And if you have anything else to add, I’d like to hear it!




    As far as I can see, there are no advantages of Videopress over YouTube. YT gives you access to a far wider community.


    And using YouTube is free, videopress isn’t.

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