VideoPress won't play on some computers

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    I just started up my blog on WordPress and I’m trying to use VideoPress to host my videos. I’ve got one up now, and it plays fine at home on an iMac with Snow Leopard and Safari/Firefox. Plays fine anywhere on my iPhone. But at work on Windows XP and Windows 7 with IE 8 and 9, and at my parents’ house on an iMac with Leopard and Safari, once you click through the thumbnail image, it just stays on a black background with the spinning “load indicator.”

    Here at work, sample VideoPress videos work fine on the same computers, so I’m guessing it’s something to do with the files I’m uploading. But I could be totally off on that.

    I used HandBrake with the Default profile to create a 720p .mp4 file from an uncompressed file coming out of Final Cut Express.

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, I’ve been playing around some more with it and if I click the “HD” button (i.e. turn HD on) while it’s sitting there on the black background, it starts playing perfectly. If I click the HD button again (turn HD off) while it’s playing, it stops and goes back to the black background.

    Since I’m new here, I’m not sure if it’s obvious what my blog is for people who might want to help. It’s:

    There’s only one video and it’s there on the home page.



    One more note. I just got home and realized it’s exactly the same on my computer. Only plays if you flip on the HD. So the issue seems to be across the board.

    Any help?



    I’m getting the same problem using FF. You’re not the only one reporting a problem with Videopress. I suggest you contact staff via the Help button on your dashboard.



    I went to the blog and saw one video thumbnail of a man in a blue hoodie, same image as larger above it. I clicked on the thumbnail since it had a motion picture camera logo. That took me to the page:

    which showed what looks like a live reporter for channel 19. There’s a play logo on that one, so I click on that. It now shows two images, both darkened. There is a tiny play button on a small timescale at the bottom of the 2nd image. Clicking on the play button changes it to a pause button (switches button icon) but nothing more. No motion, no sound.

    Then I right click on the image, and Firefox does at least recognize there is supposed to be a video here because it gives me video action options. So I choose “View video”. It then goes to this URL:

    which gives me a “WordPress 404 – File not found.” message. There might be an issue with standard def file conversions in the video automated workflow?

    One thing for me, though, is I see NO “HD” button at all on any of the steps.

    I am running an older Firefox on Ubuntu Linux. It should work OK, though, at least for the files in .ogv (Ogg video container) because that has worked in Firefox since several versions before the one I’m using now (an older machine I have is running Firefox 2.0 which has played this video time for me).



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