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Videos no longer work on ipad

  1. My videos no longer work on ipad. They did until a few days ago, now I get the message "Flash required"

    Please help!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. They work on an iphone though :-S

  3. Here's the link for the iOs forums
    You may want to post here so the developers are aware of the issue >
    This is just to be sure are you running the latest version of the app

  4. I haven't been using the app. The idea was the students would scan the qr codes and be able to watch the videos within the browser, which was the case until this evening

    Thanks for the iOs forum link, I'll try there now.

  5. You're welcome.

  6. Actually, I don't think it's an iOs issue timethief, I'm wanting the videos to work on the website when accessed via safari/chrome etc on an ipad.

  7. I thought the videos were html5 and therefore would work. I'm confused to why it works on an iphone but not an ipad

  8. Let's see what Staff have to say. I've flagged this thread for their attention.

  9. Thank you! I've put in so much work into the blog and would be absolutely gutted if it stops working.


  10. Which version of iOS are you running on your iPad?

  11. I've got three ipads here, one is running 5.1.1, another 6.0 and another 6.0.1

  12. And neither of the three iPads can play the videos?

    If so, would you please tell us the exact URL of the post or page where the video is?

  13. Though it does work on an iphone running 6.0.1 and another iphone running 4.3.5

  14. I'm trying and the videos on the homepage

  15. I'm trying and the videos on the homepage

    Here's a typical video:

  16. Any ideas?



  17. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

  18. Interesting.... I've uploaded a video and it is visible

  19. @corbettmaths
    It's the Thanksgiving long weekend and Staff will respond to you again as soon as they can.

  20. Sorry, I didn't realise it was Thanksgiving. I was a bit anxious as I am a teacher and we have an inspection on Monday and Tuesday and my planned lessons were heavily dependent on students being able to access videos.

    I think I have figured it out, using the FAQ on the videopress site they mention a problem with not sharing the video reverting back to flash.

    I will double check that sharing the videos works then I will let you know if the problem has beeen resolved.

    Thanks again and have a good Thanksgiving

  21. Problem resolved.

    Many thanks timethief and Macmanx, crisis averted and I can get back to re-uploading the 200 videos lol


  22. Yay! That's such good news. Best wishes with your blog.

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