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Videos not crunching as advertised

  1. Can't import them to QuickTIme. In that case BOTH of my iPhoto libraries are grayed out.

    Used iPhone 4

  2. In iPhoto, with the video file selected, go to File -> Reveal in Finder -> Original File.

    Then, right–click the video file and go to Open With -> QuickTime Player.

  3. Hmmm. They don't play in QuickTime. They do play inside iPhoto and they played on the Tumblr I first put them up on. Has the tumblr importer to WP been fixed yet? Maybe I could get them in that way?
    Guess the moral of this story is to never import video into iPhoto...

  4. Can you use Miro Video Converter to convert the original video to the MP4 format?

    Has the tumblr importer to WP been fixed yet?

    Not yet.

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