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    My class blog has a number of videos as media files.

    Up until last month, the videos showed correctly when viewed from the media list. (They had not been uploaded to posts yet). In the last couple of weeks, however, the wrong video comes up. For example, I have a video on “pockets 1”. It shows up as “Pockets 1”, correctly. I have another video, “Pockets 2”. When played, it shows the “Pockets 1”. I can go back to videos that were uploaded in November of 2010, and a video entitled “Raglan Shaping”, when viewed, shows the “Pockets 1” video.

    Other blog authors report that they, too, see the wrong video, but they always see a *different* wrong video than I always see!

    Are we doing something wrong, is this a known issue, or is there a bug? How can we make sure the video shows correctly?

    The blog I need help with is


    Update with more information: This seems to affect videos where multiple videos have been uploaded with a single post.

    There is no functionality provided that allows me to unattach media from a post without deleting it, and I do not have the original files on my computer, so I cannot test whether the videos would be correct if there were a single video per post.

    This is a real problem, as the videos cannot be recreated.


    Howdy, I’m not sure I follow all the details. Are the videos not showing the right one in the media list or in the actual post? If in the post can you send me a link to an example?

    If it’s in the media list can you send me a link to an example video or two that isn’t playing back the proper one for you? Thanks!


    Both. The blog is private, but here is a link to a post that contains two different video links, but both play the same video.

    In my media list, there are many (30) different videos, and most of them, if embedded in a post, play the same video. Only the 10 that are “unattached” seem to be reliably playing what they really are.


    Additionally here are two from the media list that show as a different/wrong video (for me, they play the same video that is in the post I showed you the link for in my prior reply.

    [video src="" /]

    [video src="" /]

    Please also keep in mind that another author on the blog also sees the wrong video but the one she always sees is different than the one I always see.

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