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  1. crfreeridedownhill

    Hey...whould like to know if there is anything wrong with the lockerz links in have upload videos to lockerz and yet, I grab the wp shortcode, but seems there are not working...

    What is going on...? is it me doing something weird...?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. crfreeridedownhill

    ? anyone knows about this...Lockerz seems to be working all good...but definetly is not showing the vid in WP...its jus a blank empty space there....where the video should be...

  3. Same here; Video shows fine on the lockerz site; WordPress code does nothing.
    I guess it is broken

  4. crfreeridedownhill

    darned...Doctore0....we will have to wait for somebody to help us....

  5. crfreeridedownhill
    Member there somebody that can answer this...? I'm desperate since no video (other than the regular WP offers to post) can be posted....

  6. Same problem for a few days already. In fact lots of problems since Vodpod move to Lockerz.
    Hope WordPress can put some pressure on Lockerz to make things function again.

  7. crfreeridedownhill

    well...I have the response from Lockerz and they acknowledge there is problem (no kidding) in their system that links WP to Lockerz and that they are working on, they will respond when this is fix... (who knows when.. :( )

    On the other hand...WP folks, is there anything WP is working to get something to work over this...?!!

  8. Why not just let us use the YouTube HTML code in the sidebar. This Lockerz link to Vodpod is a certified bust.

  9. liveapartmentfire

    I'm having the same problem-- a nice big, blank white space shows up where my Lockerz video should be.

    I don't understand why WordPress doesn't simply figure out a way to let us paste embed code directly into our blogs, minus the jumping-thru-hoops involving Lockerz or Vodpod whatever.

    The lack of answers here is pretty grim.

  10. I can answer that last question: it's because of the way our blogs share their inner workings. All blogs on any given theme are exposed to the worst security risk deemed acceptable by the stupidest person using that theme. To protect us from serious risk, strips out embed codes except for certain authorized ones.

  11. @crfreeridedownhill: I've been talking back-and-forth with lockerz about this too. (At the very least, I can say they've been good about getting back to me each time.) However, they're very slow about transferring the old vodpod to their platform and so far they've been pretty much destroying what was great about vodpod. Yes, the player has stopped accepting new videos. And if you try to use their widget coding, it puts up a generic bunch of videos, not the one's you've collected. I've been told that they know this and are working on it. Yes, they appear to have been "working on this stuff" for awhile now. Not to mention (as dlager points out) the strange vocabulary of the site (i.e., "decalz" are "videos") and such. I hate to be negative, but I think this buyout and transition of vodpod to lockerz has been a disaster.

  12. crfreeridedownhill

    yeah...its something very frustrated if your blog information is about 80% impact to the viewer based on what...? we don't have nothing, and agree with all here, the lockerz/vodpod has being a disaster, I know they are very responsive because they answer you (which never happened with vodpod), but its frustrated that I have being with this problem over 3weeks and nothing have being fixed.

    WordPress have a awesome reputation, and its a shame its being in some level damage by the fact you can't use something that its being offered as a "bonus" days, I understand that youtube, vimeo are the way to go on video upload, but sometimes you do not have the video because its part of a news, part of the press release being sent, but you can't use it hence, you are loosing a great deal of people, and seems like nobody cares or are lack or responsiveness on this matter.

  13. crfreeridedownhill

    Or...depending on the users (like myself) and the nature of my blog creation, the extreme sports, usually don't go to youtube, some go to Vimeo, but the mayority goes to other sites that are not supported/authorize by WP to, that is frustrating...

  14. crfreeridedownhill

    UPDATE # 2.....

    From lockerz..."..Sorry, there is nothing new yet on this issue. We are very sorry for the inconvenience..."

    Now, WORPRESS, is there anything you guys are working right now to help users with this...????!!!!

  15. Still nothing changed.
    Give us Vodpod back.

  16. @crfreeridedownhill

    That's kind of what I wanted to say.

    I'm sure I can agree with you.

    I want to see VodPod.

    I can feel It is a limit of my patience.

  17. VodPod, or rather Lockerz now, is entirely in control of what they offer widget-wise. If they are no longer offering the widget, which is what the word was a few weeks ago, there's nothing we can do.

    I'm going to ask our folks to look into this, but I can't make any promises.

  18. crfreeridedownhill

    tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc....

  19. crfreeridedownhill

    OMG...guys, I believe the fix have being found, in another post i opened for alternates, a member pointed me to Gigya...didn't know that existed...

    Anyhow, here is the post if you want to give it a worked for me...

  20. Yes, macmanx's reply is wrong: you can copy the src URL and the dimensions from the embed code and turn them into a gigya shortcode. Model:
    [gigya src="URL HERE" width="WWW" height="HHH" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" ]

    [gigya src="" width="480" height="270" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" ]

    Paste into HTML post editor. Dimensions can be changed.

  21. See here for more:

    (With the exception of one staff member, WP likes to ignore this.)

  22. Hello everyone. I also reflected problems with vodpod and I can not figure out how to put videos in the sidebar widget.

  23. The blog that reflected problems with vodpod video is this: If you notice on the sidebar do not see the video vodpod. Sorry English is not correct, but I use the google translator.

  24. An alternative is upload the Video anywhere, most preferred at youtube and grab the code and put it in the content.

  25. Thank you. I have a youtube channel, so I ask how can I put youtube videos on vodpod widget in the sidebar?

  26. crfreeridedownhill

    Zingaro81...VODPOD is not known as LOCKERZ...thing is about a month or so, their video codes no longer work in wordpres, neither in their website (so-called decalz)....

    Word is being that they won´t get the code to work on WP, hence, the sidebar widget will not work either....

    Right now the only feasible way I know to post videos is using this Gigya code, the shame is that you are loosing all your collected videos...

  27. crfreeridedownhill

    sorry...VODPOD is NOW know as LOCKERZ...

  28. justpi, the Gigya shortcode should work for now, but it is no longer supported here, so it may not be a long-term solution.

  29. The truth, James, is that you (plural) have an aversion to solutions that sidestep or override what is 'officially' sanctioned. The previous excuse against my gigya workaround was that "it was never meant to be public". Gigya is the shortcode you still get from sites that feature an button, so I don't believe you when you say it's "no longer supported"; and WP changes things all the time, so nothing is a "long-term solution".

  30. No, I have an aversion to using solutions which may stop working suddenly. When something is no longer supported, and in Gigya's case was never supported to begin with, there is no guarantee that it will continue to function.

    I want to find a long-term solution to this, Gigya is not a long-term solution, that's all I'm saying.

    Please don't turn this into some sort of a personal issue.

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