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    See here for more:

    (With the exception of one staff member, WP likes to ignore this.)



    Hello everyone. I also reflected problems with vodpod and I can not figure out how to put videos in the sidebar widget.



    The blog that reflected problems with vodpod video is this: If you notice on the sidebar do not see the video vodpod. Sorry English is not correct, but I use the google translator.



    An alternative is upload the Video anywhere, most preferred at youtube and grab the code and put it in the content.



    Thank you. I have a youtube channel, so I ask how can I put youtube videos on vodpod widget in the sidebar?


    Zingaro81…VODPOD is not known as LOCKERZ…thing is about a month or so, their video codes no longer work in wordpres, neither in their website (so-called decalz)….

    Word is being that they won´t get the code to work on WP, hence, the sidebar widget will not work either….

    Right now the only feasible way I know to post videos is using this Gigya code, the shame is that you are loosing all your collected videos…


    sorry…VODPOD is NOW know as LOCKERZ…



    justpi, the Gigya shortcode should work for now, but it is no longer supported here, so it may not be a long-term solution.



    The truth, James, is that you (plural) have an aversion to solutions that sidestep or override what is ‘officially’ sanctioned. The previous excuse against my gigya workaround was that “it was never meant to be public”. Gigya is the shortcode you still get from sites that feature an button, so I don’t believe you when you say it’s “no longer supported”; and WP changes things all the time, so nothing is a “long-term solution”.



    No, I have an aversion to using solutions which may stop working suddenly. When something is no longer supported, and in Gigya’s case was never supported to begin with, there is no guarantee that it will continue to function.

    I want to find a long-term solution to this, Gigya is not a long-term solution, that’s all I’m saying.

    Please don’t turn this into some sort of a personal issue.


    Hello, just searching the forum and came across this topic.
    My Vodpod widget is playing the videos that are showing, but not linking correctly to vodpod, ( footer area on ) This is presumably, as I just found out here, because Vodpod no longer exists.

    My issue is not about embedding videos in posts, purely as a widget, this is an invaluable tool and seriously effects the appearance and function of my site, and it seems baffling that it could suddenly stop working without warning, or that such an important widget could be allowed to slip into oblivion without an announcement or reassurance of an alternative.

    Can we please have clarification that this widget is in fact no longer functional and technically not available on WordPress? (in which case why is it still available as a widget option?) Or, will there definitely be an alternative video widget available? There is no guidance on this from WordPress on their widgets support area, any kind of official word on this would be much appreciated.



    This widget is in fact no longer functional. It was discontinued by the third-party that controlled it (Vodpod, now Lockerz), and we also had no warning.

    At this time, we have no long-term alternatives. As a short-term alternative, Justpi has a recommendation on the first page.


    Thanks for the clarification macmanx. This is sad news!

    I read and reread Justpi’s post..but still don’t get it. is that for individual videos that you have to load up elsehwere?. how do i translate this – which is the current vodpod code: [id=1329864 options[theme]=sidebar4_gray tag_id=latest title=Damien+Molony%20Videos] ?

    if you could give me the idiots guide i would be grateful :)



    @macmanx: When I’m talking about you plural and you reply about you singular, then the one who’s seeing this as “some sort of a personal issue” isn’t me.

    @damienmolony: Yes, the shortcode I gave is for individual videos. As for the widget, do they provide an embed code (other than the shortcode you pasted above)? If so, please paste it here between backticks.



    Fair enough, but “you” (plural) does include “you” (singular).


    Ive started trying viddler. Ir works much better than Vopod since videos that were in Vimeo and played through Vopod didn’t had full screen possibility.

    Viddler is costly, from USD 50 per month, but they stream quite well and show superb HD quality. On the downside, you have to upload the videos to their site.

    my first attempt :



    I am in Canada. I clicked and I got:

    Video forbidden
    This video is private


    Timethief. It should be OK now. Im just too new to viddler. Ive already changed the setting.



    It’s working for me now. :)


    @justpi that is the only code given …

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