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  1. damienmolonyforum

    Hello, just searching the forum and came across this topic.
    My Vodpod widget is playing the videos that are showing, but not linking correctly to vodpod, ( footer area on ) This is presumably, as I just found out here, because Vodpod no longer exists.

    My issue is not about embedding videos in posts, purely as a widget, this is an invaluable tool and seriously effects the appearance and function of my site, and it seems baffling that it could suddenly stop working without warning, or that such an important widget could be allowed to slip into oblivion without an announcement or reassurance of an alternative.

    Can we please have clarification that this widget is in fact no longer functional and technically not available on WordPress? (in which case why is it still available as a widget option?) Or, will there definitely be an alternative video widget available? There is no guidance on this from WordPress on their widgets support area, any kind of official word on this would be much appreciated.

  2. This widget is in fact no longer functional. It was discontinued by the third-party that controlled it (Vodpod, now Lockerz), and we also had no warning.

    At this time, we have no long-term alternatives. As a short-term alternative, Justpi has a recommendation on the first page.

  3. damienmolonyforum

    Thanks for the clarification macmanx. This is sad news!

    I read and reread Justpi's post..but still don't get it. is that for individual videos that you have to load up elsehwere?. how do i translate this - which is the current vodpod code: [id=1329864 options[theme]=sidebar4_gray tag_id=latest title=Damien+Molony%20Videos] ?

    if you could give me the idiots guide i would be grateful :)

  4. @macmanx: When I'm talking about you plural and you reply about you singular, then the one who's seeing this as "some sort of a personal issue" isn't me.

    @damienmolony: Yes, the shortcode I gave is for individual videos. As for the widget, do they provide an embed code (other than the shortcode you pasted above)? If so, please paste it here between backticks.

  5. Fair enough, but "you" (plural) does include "you" (singular).

  6. Ive started trying viddler. Ir works much better than Vopod since videos that were in Vimeo and played through Vopod didn't had full screen possibility.

    Viddler is costly, from USD 50 per month, but they stream quite well and show superb HD quality. On the downside, you have to upload the videos to their site.

    my first attempt :

  7. I am in Canada. I clicked and I got:

    Video forbidden
    This video is private

  8. Timethief. It should be OK now. Im just too new to viddler. Ive already changed the setting.

  9. It's working for me now. :)

  10. damienmolonyforum

    @justpi that is the only code given ...

  11. Could you please link to the page from which you copied that code?

  12. crfreeridedownhill

    jejejeje...well...searching and digging I´ve seen that Brightcove videos are a pain...I got the link only, but gigya doesn´t work with it...any advice...?

    This is one of the links...,AAAApYJ7UqE~,xqr_zXk0I-zzNndy8NlHogrCb5QdyZRf&bctid=1626322562001

  13. You can't create a gigya shortcode based on the link you pasted: you need the flash embed code. For the above video the shortcode would be this:
    [gigya src="" flashvars="isVid=1&isUI=1&videoId=1626322562001&playerID=1398061561001&playerKey=AQ~~,AAAApYJ7UqE~,xqr_zXk0I-zzNndy8NlHogrCb5QdyZRf&domain=embed&dynamicStreaming=true" width="480" height="270" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" ]

  14. Ive tried now VideoPress and works fine on mac and iphone. Us 50 per year (versus Viddler 50 per month) Only 3gb storage, but upgradable.

  15. It would help a lot if Lockerz could simply revert to Vodpod. They stand to lose hundreds of thousand users.

    Does anyone know any existing equivalent html widget as Vodpod in offering the embeded gallery options

  16. Lockerz,


  17. crfreeridedownhill

    Well...have wordpress come up with something... I have a upgrade blog, so I think I deserve some attention...

    First, it was awesome on the gygya, I have another problem...and that is that the site I use to load my videos have change to IFrames, hence I can´t use the gygya code....

    LOCKERZ sucks and will not use it (even if they say is working) becuase is so unestable... NOW, CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME HERE....?????????????

  18. if i buy video press will i be able to embed videos from another site or is it strictly my own videos that i upload

  19. crfreeridedownhill

    Actually Nikesha...that is a good question, and this is something I've being thinking on...

  20. Justpi's gigya shortcode is a great solution because it works with many webites sources.


    Also you can you add videos into a post using the "Press this!" bookmarklet from as an alternative to the vodpod/lockerz.

    I'm sure the results will be mixed, but it works well with inserting video into a post.

    In the sidebars you can still embed a video with youtube shortcodes:
    this what I us for my for my widget

    <div style="text-align:center;">

    where is the URL of the videos youtube page.

  21. crfreeridedownhill

    Need help like right could I place this link into the site...

  22. thats shortcode for a player.

    Do you have the web site the player is at?

  23. correction... thats a link to a player...

    Do you know the full web page or web site?

  24. crfreeridedownhill

    already got it to work...if you click on the link, the URL will appear, and justpi helped already providing a code to make it work with the URL... :)

  25. good news! Happy Blogging.

  26. So noone is worried about their posts not showing their videos? Hundreds of posts with no images, no one is worrying about that? Because is killing me... and if I go back to a hundred of posts an dchange it to the gygia code, then it maybe that I will have to do it again because that is not supported as well.

    This is absolutely ridiculous....

  27. @mjneal
    I'm sorry you are distressed but no matter how many times you bump multiple threads on the same issue nothing changes, except for one thing. Posting into multiple threads on the same issue simply means those threads which we Volunteers cannot help with are bumping the threads of other members that have issues we can assist with off the front page. Please stop.

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