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    I posted a video this morning in the post called Tennis Anyone. It was originally in a .mov format. On the media page one can play it and see it. On the blog, the video is blank. I then made the video into a .wmv format, inserted that, but after a half hour, the video still said “processing.” So I reverted to the .mov format so you can see it is not visible. Any thoughts? You can see the thumbnail, but once you click play, the screen goes blank.

    Tennis Anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    Both videos at this link play for me.


    but not for me or a reader who complained of the same issue.



    Works fine for me as well I recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies since it may be cache issue with the browser where the browser is relying on the corrupted cache file verses updating the cache file,

    Here is the documentation for clearing your browser cache→


    four of my readers now tell me they can’t seethe video either. but sure, I’ll clear my browser cache, which I do every week anyway. :-(


    I’ve cleared the cache and they still don’t play, for me, and other readers of mine. very strange.



    They’re working just fine more me too.

    I guess ask them if they’re running an up-to-date Flash player.


    Two readers binged in that they can see them. I still do not. I’ve emptied the cache, restarted the computer, I’m up to date on everything, and still, this is what happens for me;



    That is definitely odd. Try reinstalling Flash player:


    Chrome users don’t have to download new versions of Flash Player. Chrome automatically updates when new versions of Flash Player are available, to protect users with the latest security updates. I also checked my plug-ins and Flash is enabled.



    Which version of Chrome are you using? If it’s 18, there are some odd bugs that Google is working on, which this is more than likely related to.

    To confirm, please install Firefox, or a different browser and Flash


    I am running the most current Chrome, 18.0. I would NEVER EVER install Firefox. Can’ts stand it. I’m a Chrome Gal through and through.
    I have IE on this computer. I’ll go try it from there. Thanx for your help.


    video works perfectly when running in IE so it is indeed a chrome issue; i will follow up with them. thanks again.

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