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    I have embedded a few videos from my YouTube account into my blog. I have noticed no count change in Youtube reflected based on the many number of visitors to my blog that most certainly would have clicked on the embedded video. I have tried it myself. Is there something I need to do to have the view counts on WordPress reflected onto my YouTube page? I believe they should be connected n that way. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. I believe it contains the answer…
    Friendly advice: search before asking :-) I found the above thread by searching for “view count youtube” in the support forums search box (above).


    Um, I did.
    Thanks for your reply but obviously my issue meets all the guidelines that need to be in place for which the view count addition should occur. That is why I posted the question, after not seen an answer on Google general search, YouTube forums or here.
    It is clicked on by the individual, is not on auto play, the browser in which it was tried on was not done while I was signed in to anything nor was it the same computer therefore it was a different IP address, it supported JAVA script, and finally my numbers are not stuck at that infamous “301” where YouTube stops them for a limited time while investigating the sources of most of the views.



    In other words, the videos have less than 300 views?



    Clicks on YouTubes are around 10% of readers of the post. Are the numbers in line with that?


    They are all varied, I have some above and some newer ones way below. I’ve tried embedding them different ways etc. Some people have told me this is a YouTube issue and you need to personally know a YouTube employee to deal with this, others have said it is WordPress.
    One thing I did notice was that WordPress changes the HTML of the videos ones I post them. I also post on Pinterest and they leave the coding as YouTube gives it. So I wonder if WordPress is leaving out crucial material for this connection to take place.


    @raincoaster they do not budge when viewed from WordPress.

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