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    Hello, the views counter does not display views and visits since August 5th. I’m in free version and I’m sure that views should be displayed because I normally generated by browsing my site as a single user, I even used another browser for this operation. I also have to find other views of other days with normally views of visitors.

    I am very annoyed by this problem because if my site does not attract visitors, I will close it, something I do not want because I need it.

    Can you help me please?



    Post Link:

    The blog I need help with is


    Good morning –

    I’ve taken a look and can see that there is some recorded traffic for your site today on August 12th.

    The last post was published on July 24th. It makes sense that no one has visited the site because there hasn’t been any new content added. Try adding new posts on a consistent basis and your traffic pattern will follow that trend.

    There are some other tips to help in these threads:



    the community in my website is not the problem in this topic, the problem is the traffic recorded. :/

    Yes, today my traffic was saved but i don’ t know why the other day is not saved. :(

    I sure i have traffic the 5th august because it’s was me who read my website. XD

    other problem, why the calendar in my traffic is bug? i have the 17 june after 12th august. XD





    I sure i have traffic the 5th august because it’s was me who read my website.

    Your view counts are recorded when you are logged in and visit the site since you are the owner.

    So as @lizkarkoski mentioned, it is indeed possible that the days with zero views/visits are correct.



    Good morning,

    all problem are solved. :)

    Thanks for your help and link for growth my website. :)

    Have a nice day.


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