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View images in RSS widget

  1. I've recently created another blog site on WordPress in which to share my random pictures of life with (

    I created an RSS feed using feedburner (, and when consuming the feed in my RSS reader (Feedly) I'm able to see the images next to the titles.

    On my main blog ( I added an RSS widget to my sidebar, and specified the created feed as the source. I also checked the box to include content.

    However, on my main blog, I only see the post titles, and the text (when specified) for the blog posts, and not the images. On my photo blog, I've created posts with and without featured images, and have posts where the image is in the content block and others where the image is simply in the gallery (since the theme I'm using picks that up automatically and dumps it into the post view).

    Is is possible to get images with the default RSS widget, or would I have to upgrade my plan (both blogs are the free plan) in order to get the images?

    Many thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All blogs have multiple built-in feeds which are described here. Some feed readers display images and some do not. You cannot control that from your blog. Some email clients display images and videos and some do not and once again you cannot control that. What you can control is setting up your RSS feed for posts here > Settings > Reading to display either "full posts" or "summaries" in the RSS feed.

  3. Thanks for the infor timethief. Currently the "reading" settings for my photo blog are set to full text, so I guess I'm at the mercy of the RSS widget.

  4. Regardless of what the RSS widget displays (note that the image ie Media files are included in our built-in feeds), but if the feed reader being used does not display images than there's nothing you can do about that.

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