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View My Blog as Others See It!

  1. I just started designing my Blog. I want to make changes and review how people will see the Blog with those changes. In other programs I use, I can just click a review blog button or link. I can't find that in this system. Can someone point me to this option if it exists.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @marykroetsch: Back to your original question...

    What "changes" are you talking about? Could you be more specific please, to that we can tell you if there is a "preview" mode indeed for that?

  3. They are just editing things for the appearance and set-up stuff. While signed into wordpress, I can't seem to look at it and see how the blog can be seen by others to check it and see if it has the pizazz in appearance I am looking for. I also can't find a way to look at other peoples blogs while logged in. There must be a way that I am missing to preview my blog and review others.

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