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    Hi. This may have already been answered but my Forum search for “view posts in progress” and didn’t answer my question, to wit:

    What happened to the feature which allowed us to view our post in-progress, as it would appear once published, when we clicked the “save & continue editing” option?

    It’s gone & I am sad.



    It was removed and dealt with in another way. Mark states why in this thread



    It is in a new position. Click the “Preview ยป” link located beneath and to the right of the title text box of the post that you are writing.

    The preview will open in a new window or tab depending on which browser or how you have your browser set up.

    I lost it too, for a while :) See: [resolved] unable to preview article before publishing



    I noticed this the other day, too. That “Save and continue editing” button is still there, you just have to click “Post Preview” to see what it would look like. Now there is a little link above the place where you type your post that says something like “Post Preview.” You can click that and it will open a new window and show you what your post looks like on your blog — but then you have to backclick to edit it. I like the old way much better where the post preview showed up at the bottom of the screen when you click “Save and continue editing.”



    @dilettante and barbarah
    Thanks for providing the additional information. :)



    The two responses above me were posted while I was typing. I looked at Mark’s response in the thread timethief mentioned. To me the issue of having to click back and forth from the post your are actually typing to the preview and back is a bigger nuisance.



    You do that as well for the other method though. It have to reload to see the new page.

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