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View Site Graph Doesn't Always Appear

  1. Many times my 30 day graph in the dashboard area doesn't appear. Then just when I have given up on it there it is again.

  2. are you on dial-up? i can see my graph no problems on dial-up, but sometimes bad connection make it hard to load.

    if your graph turns up on and off, well, maybe you can report to feedback.

    and please don't type the thread title in all caps, it's rude and sounds like you're "shouting". =)

  3. Last time, I knew, your internet provider (I can see your IP address) used proxy servers. It may be a bad cache. If it was failing to actually load, you would get an error message. It comes up from time to time.

  4. You sure solved the problem Mike. Thanks. And I didn't know that caps meant anything. sorry.

  5. Not a problem. If you haven't done so, please try doing a forced reload of the stat page. Also checking your Quicktime install and see if it needs to be updated might be helpful. Sorry that I forgot that bit. Yesterday was kind of full. :)

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