"View your CSS Stylesheet" missing?????????

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    I can’t seem to find the link that says something like “View Your Theme’s CSS Stylesheet”… When I used to click that, it would open up my theme’s stylesheet, and I would go off of that to change anything.

    That link seems to be missing? Did they put it somewhere else?

    The blog I need help with is tacklingmommyhood.com.




    Here’s the stylesheet https://wpcom-themes.svn.automattic.com/delicacy/style.css

    Note: When you alter a theme’s stylesheet, you only need to put in the Editor the modification/additions to the CSS, not the entire thing.


    Yea, that’s what I’ve been doing so far.. but I always use to click the link that said something like “View Original Stylesheet” to see how to do the new code…. but now I can’t seem to find it. Did they get rid of it?

    That second link is what I’m looking for, and there used to be a link for it in the CSS Customize area but now it’s gone….. strange.



    I don’t know what happened to the link as I don’t help with CSS editing.


    Yes, mine went away too. Wonder why? It was nice having it so handy to consult or to copy a wee bit from to put it into the css editor box to modify.



    I’m having an issue with this as well and just posted a new thread to see if we can get it back.

    The URL that timethief posted does work – you just have to add in the name of your theme into the URL but it’d be great to have the link back on the CCS editor page.



    Hi all…I think I just found it.
    It’s under Publish (right side), Mode: Add-on and it says “Replace theme’s CSS” – you can click on “theme’s CSS” and it’s there.

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