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    My setting are correct: i want viewers to be able to comment without having to be logged in and even without having to give their mailadress. But still, anybody is asked to log in when trying to comment.
    Does anyone have an idea what to do? Thank you.
    (I try it in english because there aren’t many reactions on the forum in my own language)

    The blog I need help with is



    Dashboard, Settings, Discussion, Other Comment Settings, Un-check – “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”



    This Support article should help you:



    Thank you for your assistance, but as I said, my settings are correct. I do understand what they mean. I have left them all open (except for ‘allow people to comment’). right now, people can not comment on my posts if they are not logged in…



    I found out something: people are able to comment, – so i was a bit wrong there – but only if they don’t fill in their mailadress. If someone who is not logged in, gives a comment and adds his email, they are always asked to log in.

    I find this a problem because most visitors who try to comment, will give up if they must log in, because they don’t know they’re not obligated to fill in the email…


    A while ago, because of a web big-wig being impersonated here on, wordpress made a change. If someone is trying to comment with an email address that is either tied to a account, or is tied to a gravatar account, they are going to have to log in to prove that email address is actually theirs. Impersonation on the web has been becoming more of an issue and that is part of the reason you are seeing virtually all places that allow comments requiring that you log in somehow or register with their site.

    You can at settings > discussion disable the requirement for a name and email address, but those fields will still appear on the comment form and if they enter an email address associated with or an account here, they will STILL have to log in.

    You can tell everyone, perhaps with a canned paragraph at the bottom of your posts to NOT enter an email address or name if you wish (after making the change at settings > discussion). Of course that means telling who said what will be difficult.

    I’m afraid with the growing number of gutter dwellers on the web, things like this are going to be the norm from now on.



    Thank you!


    You are welcome.

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