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Viewers Needed

  1. soulthecolorpurple

    I haven't gotten ANY viewers. I don't neccissarily NEED anyone, but it would be nice if I knew that SOMEONE enjoyed one or two of my posts. I try to find places I can put up ads for my blog, but nothing works. The support page isn't so helpful either. :( If anyone has any idea of what I could do, please tell me. Thank you all for your time.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes we all need more viewers. There are many threads in the forum searchbox on the topics of increasing traffic, blog promotion, gaining more readers and other synonyms for increasing visitors as well. Try these two posts: and I can guarantee that if you follow all those steps you will succeed.

  3. soulthecolorpurple

    Okay. Thank you so much! :D

    *whispers* I know someone who's gonna get at least 1 more viewer...^^ hehe

  4. You probably should have posted this in the self-promotion forum instead of Questions. It's set up especially to increase readership.

    Let me ask you: how many blogs do you read a day? How many do you comment on? The internet is entirely give to get. You don't read, you don't comment, and you get the same back.

  5. soulthecolorpurple

    Cool stuff timethief. Thanks a lot. :)
    @raincoaster: First off, I'm new. Secondly, only a few days ago did I learn about viewers. Then I only found this forum...actually, it was a miracle to have found this place. But I JUST found this forum, like a few MINUTES ago. When I found out about viewers, I tried stupid stuff like typing whatever name in the URL where mine was, but every blog I went to wasn't used in forever. There's no point in commenting on a blog that the owner doesn't even visit anymore. I even searched for places that had ads for wordpress users on google and tried to find a youtube vid that would help me. Stupid, I know, but at least I tried.
    *sigh* You just threw me off. Whatever, if you want to act like that And by the way, I didn't even SEE any self-promotion thing when I was making my question. God.
    Thanks again timethief! And you've been on here for 6 years??? Cool. :D Oh, and just a personal question, but is the girl in your avatar you?

  6. soulthecolorpurple

    Having just had a look at your blog, it's only six days old, so what you mostly need is patience. In addition, every post is uncategorised. Other than that, you have no categories or tags - how is anyone to find you?

    And with all due respect, what I've read is mainly about you, so unless you're aiming just at friends and relatives, you do need to broaden your scope to attract strangers.

    Follow TT's advice above, and there's a shedload of info about actually writing what people want to read here

    Because the bottom line is - you have to give people what they want, which may not be what you, initially, at least, want to give them. My blog has changed utterly from how I first envisaged it - now my priority is giving people what they want, which, luckily is a subject of which I have in depth-knowledge and which was originally a side-line, and my, if you like, self-indulgent stuff, comes second.

    Blogging is like any other form of writing - to keep people interested you have to give them what they want, otherwise they won't come back.

  7. The first thing you need to do when you find a new forum, and you have a question, do a search. Then you'll avoid being snippy to the volunteers and doing things wrong right off the bat.

  8. soulthecolorpurple

    How do you categorize stuff anyway? Yeah, friends, anyone that's interested in what I'm writing about. Whatever comes along. Not relatives or people I know face-to-face, because some stuff I have or may write may be offensive or whatever. Eh, if they don't like what I have to offer, or if they've read my posts, see what I could offer, then I just gotta find a place everyone will enjoy what I have. I don't know. I'm not gonna write just whatever, like, I don't know what you have. Who knows. But that's something I should find, what people like, and where they go to find it.
    Thanks for your time, ron.

  9. @soulthecolorpurple
    Sigh ... please let's not choose to be combative, okay.

    I flagged this thread with Showcase Forum and Off-Topic Forum and there's now a modlook tag. This means out moderators will move the thread to the one they think is most suitable.

    Like raincoaster I'm approaching my 4th year here at

    That photo of me was taken this summer and makes me looks young! . Usually I look terrible in snapshots. It's this pgoto was taken by a pro at an angle that does not depict my wrinkles and laugh lines. It was also taken after I dyed my hair and the gray part went blonde like it was when I was young. - I l ♥ ve it!

  10. Have you done a search for information on categorizing posts?

  11. soulthecolorpurple

    @raincoaster: I just looked at the homepage of the forum, k? And you started it. I suppose that when you say "doing things wrong right off the bat", you mean doing that on the forum. Hmm, I was thinking about that phrase being more along the lines of doing things wrong right when you join word press, cause from what everyone else has been saying, I've been doing exactly that. lol

  12. soulthecolorpurple

    *sigh* can't rely on people these days. Well, I guess I don't really need viewers anyway. Whatever.

  13. That's the spirit!

  14. Well, that's ten minutes I won't get back...

  15. soulthecolorpurple

    "That's the spirit!" Oh god, I'm not even going to comment on that.

    ha. I'm so pathetic. I'm peeved from timethief right now, but I'm looking at her blog stuff. Ah, just shoot me now.

  16. soulthecolorpurple

    "Well, that's ten minutes I won't get back... "

    *pounds head on desk*

  17. go and write all this in your blog

    You'll get lots of readers then

  18. soulthecolorpurple

    People become suicidal because of people like you guys. I've never been one to hurt myself though...

  19. Resorting to emotional blackmail is immature and pretty stupid.

    You have some great advice in this thread. take it for what it is and build an awesome blog, you've written enough great stuff here you can post in your blog and gain a nice little readership. Its your choice.

  20. soulthecolorpurple

    What? I wasn't blackmailing anyone. I really don't want to go suicidal. I wouldn't have the guts to hurt myself.

    And are you being sarcastic or what? This is one of the problems with typing instead of talking. It's hard to tell whether people are serious or sarcastic. There's more, but I don't need to mention all that now.

  21. soulthecolorpurple

    @timethief: I read your blog on categories and tags, but it didn't mention how to make those.

  22. I am serious In my opinion your writing here shows you are haughty enough to be engaging so while you figure out how to build your blog go and write.

  23. soulthecolorpurple

    So I should just back down? If you were looking for that kind of argument, you should've found me years ago. Too late now.

  24. Moderator Note: This thread is now part of the Off Topic forum.

  25. soulthecolorpurple

    Eh, I didn't get any help anyways. That's what you get when you ask animals for help.

  26. Well, you haven't succeeded in talking us into reading your blog, have you? Perhaps a fresh approach is called for.

  27. @Soul

    The links that TT and Ron placed here will help you, just take a little bit of time to read them. Here's another great link that has helped me many times < > It has everything about blogging on this site in there and it's step by step.

  28. winnieeverlasting

    insulting the people who are just trying to help you is rude and immature. and complaining about the lack of help, when you don't even try to do what they suggested just makes people mad at YOU, and then not want to read you blog. which, by the way, is really painful to read. it's like you try to be self deprecating, but in a way that's not funny or natural at all. it's almost as if you plan what you're writing, which is fine if your blog has a theme, like... computers, or something. you want to make sure you have all the facts right. but for a personal blog, it just makes it look fake, and stiff. you need to loosen up, and like almost everyone else has said, be patient. it takes more then a few days to gain readership. it took me a year before i started getting a steady stream of readers. so calm down, chill out, and loosen up!

  29. Methinks, sir/madam you protest too much. There's a lot of great advice here that could help you enormously. If you won't use it, then I will! A little less sensitivity and haughtiness, coupled with a lot more humility can go a long way.

  30. This thread has been very entertaining, thank you, its almost as dramatic as watching Eastender on television, Eastender is a TV soap opera.

    Anyway I went to visit the blog, it got me to visit. good luck with the blog,

    Are you a Goth?

    I was a Goth some years ago in the eighties.

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