Viewers unable to see My posted Video’s

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    I have had this problem pointed out to me quite a few times and i have only been blogging here at wordpress for under 2 weeks.

    People have told me that videos i have posted from googlevideo and youtube are apparently not even showing up on the page. There is just a big gap where the video player usually is.

    I have witnessed this myself, as when i go to friends houses and try and show them my site, it doesnt work. The videos do not show up.

    What exactly is the problem here? They work fine for me and yet whenever i go somewhere else to show my site to someone it comes out all messed up…

    I would really appreciate some feedback on this issue as it is starting to bug me a little now. And it is also makeing me look silly infront of my mates.





    The problem is likely the bandwidth of your readers. If they haven’t got a high-speed connection (and by that I mean high speed cable or ADSL; I’ve got low-speed cable and it happens to me sometimes) the videos will sometimes either not show up or they will be a big white empty box.

    This is far more likely to happen if you have six or more videos on a page.

    My suggestion is to have them clear out their browser cache and restart. Then they should be able to see the videos, unless there are a LOT of them on the page and they’re on dialup. You can always reduce the number of posts displayed on a page, if you do a lot of video posts.

    Also, YouTube has had some downtime lately for whatever reason; it could be that, but it’s more likely what I said above.


    thanks alot man, quick response, i guess ur admin yeah?


    however it has also happpened when people click on a single post and hence there is only one video on the page, what is the explanation for this?



    Just for reference, the pic in this post is broken.

    Agreed with the browser cache being cleared and a forced reload of the page as a first response. We know Youtube did an upgrade recently and your viewers might be hitting older versions of the viewer. Don’t know about Google though someone else mentioned an issue recently.

    Without knowing more details (browser, version and links of the videos having the issue) there’s little we can go on. I only see one video on your site on the front page and it loaded for me fine in IE7.


    cheers dr mike, why is it then that i can see the photo and yet you cannot? is there some technical shpiel for that aswell?

    Thanks again


    Browser cache? is that done by just lowering the amount of posts per page?

    i am quite computer illiterate you muct forgive me. heh



    I can’t see the image drmike points to either. I just see a white space and I’m using a firefox browser.



    Which browser and browser version do you have? Should be listed under Help -> About (Browser name) on your browser’s menu.

    The picture is probably in your browser’s cache. the site you’re pulling it from probably doesn’t allow what’s know as hotlinking. That when you use a picture from another site within your own by linking to it and pulling it from their server. It’s not recommended.

    Do you know which videos aren’t loading? Like I said, the one I saw loaded fine.


    well its strange really, from what i gather i believe it is people on different browsers having problems viewing the videos, however i have only verified this from 5 other people who checked my page.

    I am using mozilla, i think it is 1.5/6.

    but thanks for the help ppl, no wonder wordpress is up and coming.



    I can see the picture and the videos fine. I’m on IE6.

    I’m not an admin…those people get paid! I wouldn’t know what that’s like lately…< /endwhine >

    It’s the same problem even if they’re on a single post. They still have to do the whole clear out and restart thing. The test is to see if they get this failure and can STILL get into If they can, then there’s something wrong with your blog. If they can’t, and it just hangs and won’t open the page properly, then the issue is as I said.

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