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Viewing another user's profile

  1. My blog is private, but I get requests to view it. How can I view the requester's WordPress profile as I decide whether or not to allow access?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't view anyone else s profile here > Users > My Profile
    You can view the username profile on the gravatar site
    Example (note the syntax)
    If your blog is private then where are these requests coming from and how are they reaching you?

  3. I wondered about that the first time, too. The requests are coming from (I suppose) the contact form - but they would have to have access to the blog to fill it out, so I'm confused.

    The message comes through the service:

    The user 'xxxx54' requested access to view your private site at

    Want to give them access to view this site? Click on this link:

  4. The requests come by email and are signed

    "The Team"

  5. OK - I checked the profile using your answer (thank you!) and I think this request is someone I "invited" who is using a different username.

    But that doesn't explain the other requests (like the guy from India).

  6. You can't view the profile of the requesting user.

    Generally, the idea is that someone would need to know the blog's URL to find it in the first place, which is where they will request access. By that point, you should probably know them.

    If you don't know them, which can happen from time to time, I recommend just ignoring them. If they truly know you, they'll find some other way to get in touch.

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