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Viewing Domain Properties and adding Blogs

  1. pilgrimstranger39

    I own a blog called Daughters of Sarah (at this domain:
    Before I created the domain, the blog address was: [email redacted].
    So far I can still access it both ways.

    I understand that I can point other blogs I might have to that same domain, but how do I access them? How can I open the domain itself without opening the blog?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Before you created teh domain the blog address was what, exactly? Blog addresses don't have any @ in them.

  3. pilgrimstranger39

    I need help with my Daughters of Sarah blog
    so that it retains that address if possible.

    I don't mind it being associated with or located at the domain, but somehow I want the addresses separated if possible. I also need to point two other blogs to that domain and want them to have separate addresses.

  4. pilgrimstranger39

    I think I have a sign-on and a password for the domain, but I forgot to save it.

    Pity me; please do not get angry at me.

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